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The professional team of Aria Atlas Severin, according to the type of project needs and in a completely customized form with the aim of promoting the industrial businesses of our dear customers and buyers, the best and highest quality screw compressor parts in various tank sizes and capacities, variety of consumption power and It installs and operates the power of electric motors with electric and diesel fuel

Supply and repair of compressor parts

Providing all kinds of compressed air compressors, auxiliary equipment, oxygen generators, nitrogen generators and absorption dryers.

Implementation of compressed air system piping

Design and production of all kinds of industrial switchboards, electronic systems and implementation of industrial automation

Carrying out import and export of compressors

Performing all commercial services allowed to conclude contracts with natural and legal persons inside the country

Oxygen generators produced in Aria Atlas Severin Company have the ability to produce oxygen from 5 liters to 1500 liters per hour with an oxygen purity of 93%.

Use in cutting industries, use in welding industries, use in thermal/chemical oxidation
Use in hospital systems
Using oxygen as an injection gas for ozone production, waste treatment and water treatment, fish farming

ZT 75-160 VSD+ product pictures - Original (1)ZT 75-160 VSD+ product pictures - Original


Services of Arya Atlas Sorin Industrial Group


Repair and modification is such that no failure, due to parts fatigue, neglect, or normal wear and tear occurs from the time the service is performed until the arrival of the next service period.

Supply of parts

Aria Atlas Sorin Industrial Group, in addition to having a spare parts warehouse for its products, has provided spare parts for a wide range of rotating equipment using its dynamic and reliable supply and trading system.

Support and maintenance

The time for replacement of parts and periodic services of the compressor is one of the most important factors in improving the performance of the compressor and preventing additional repair of parts and saving the cost of maintaining all types of compressors.


Periodic service of the compressor is necessary for the standard conditions and operation of compressed air equipment and compressors. These periodical services or compressor overhaul are compiled by the machinery manufacturing companies. However, timely repair and maintenance services prevent possible damage to the compressor.

On-site training

Training in the workplace has become a routine issue and employees are trained at different time intervals and learn new skills. These skills play a huge role in the development of employees and make them have important skills while participating and working in the work environment. that they also need to learn


If a collection can reduce costs while maintaining its quality, that means it has achieved productivity Factors such as engine type, temperature, control mechanism, etc., have an effect on productivity The most important productivity factors are effectiveness and efficiency. An organization that takes both indicators into account is successful

Compressed air dryers

The ambient air always has some amount of water in the form of steam, which increases after the compression process by the compressor and at its output. Since air fluid molecules have the ability to be compressed unlike water molecules, this causes that, for example, 1 cubic meter of compressed air with a pressure of 7 bar has the amount of water contained in 7 cubic meters of air around the compressor.

Oxygen generator

The oxygen level in the air is approximately 21%. Oxygen generators are used to produce oxygen from air. PSA technology is mainly used in oxygen generators, which has a system that produces high concentration oxygen. In this system, a molecular sieve is used to separate oxygen from the surrounding air.

Compressed air system

Regardless of what type of compressors you use, you can use a remote control and management system to control your compressors. These remote control systems typically provide you with graphical information about compressors.



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